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Haque , Mainul and Zainal , Zulkifli and Seraj , Zohurul Haque and Zubair , M Kamal and Abdus , Salam and Bhagat, Vidya and Alattraqchi, Ahmed Ghazi and A. Rahman, Nor Iza (2016) Professionalism perspectives among medical students of a novel medical graduate school in Malaysia. Advances in Medical Education and Practice, 7 (---). pp. 407-422. ISSN 1179-7258

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Ismail, Azimah and Toriman, Mohd Ekhwan and Juahir, Hafizan and Zain, Sharifuddin Md and Habir, Nur Liyana Abdul and Retnam, Ananthy and Kamarudin, Mohd Khairul Amri and Umar, Roslan and Azid, Azman (2016) Spatial assessment and source identification of heavy metals pollution in surface water using several chemometric techniques. Marine Pollution Bulletin , 106 (1-2). 292 - 300. ISSN 0025-326X (printed) 1879-3363 (Online) (In Press)

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