Assessment of Possible Radionuclide in Granites of North Peninsular Malaysia and Their Associated Hazards

Ali, Azlinawati and Sofian Suri, Siti Saleha (2014) Assessment of Possible Radionuclide in Granites of North Peninsular Malaysia and Their Associated Hazards. International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research , 15 (1). pp. 690-698. ISSN 2307-4531

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High radiation above the Earth is mainly due to naturally occurring radioactive elements in the Earth's crust and are concentrated in granites. Granites on the other hand are widely used in the constructions of houses, buildings, and even as ornamental stones. This study investigates the possible radionuclide present in the granites of the northern Peninsular Malaysia and the potential hazard associated with them. Thirty nine samples were taken from random locations in Penang, Perak and Kedah to measure their aplha, beta, and gamma radiation present. Eleven of them with significant radiation counts were taken for further analysis as to predict in more detail of the possible radionuclide present based on the alpha, beta and gamma radiation measured. The radionuclide predicted are based on the three prominent radioactive series of the natural radioactivity and Potassium-40. Most of the samples are predicted as to have Potassium-40 and several other radionuclide of the Uranium and Thorium series of long half-life. The results then can be used to investigate the potential health hazard of the granite samples are of the radionuclide present. High activity of radiation is measured in the granites Bayan Lepas Waterfall, Bukit Hijau, Hot Spring, Kampar, Kampung Raga, Kuala Woh, Lata Mengkuang and Shamrock Beach.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Radionuclides; Natural radiations; Alpha particles; Beta decay; Gamma radiation, Radiation hazards
Subjects: Q Science > QC Physics
Faculty / Institute: Faculty Of Health Sciences
Depositing User: Mrs. Azlinawati Ali
Date Deposited: 17 Nov 2014 09:43
Last Modified: 29 Apr 2015 00:44

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